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Gruyere AOP 200g

Gruyere AOP 200g

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Our 200g Gruyère AOP delivers the rich traditions of Swiss cheese-making directly to your table, combining creamy consistency with a delightful crystalline texture. Wrapped in a rustic brown rind, its interior reveals a harmonious mix of nutty and earthy flavors, providing a deep, savory richness that's both intricate and satisfying. Perfect as a key element on charcuterie boards, it pairs excellently with crisp fruits, nuts, and a choice of wine, enhancing any gathering with its sophisticated taste profile.

When melted, Gruyère AOP transforms fondues, gratins, and various gourmet recipes, contributing a luxurious texture and a layer of depth to each dish. This cheese isn't just about adding flavor; it invites you to explore the esteemed art of Swiss cheese-making, bringing a distinguished flair to your culinary creations.