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Pork Mince per 500g Packet

Pork Mince per 500g Packet

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Experience the simplicity and quality of our Pork Mince, crafted from 100% Australian pork. With a typical composition of 90% meat and 10% fat, this lean mince is the purest form of pork – no additives, no fillers, just wholesome goodness.

This pork mince shines with versatility; it's your go-to ingredient for a vast array of dishes. Whether you're looking to add a robust flavour to your stir fry, create hearty meatballs, fashion succulent burger patties, or sprinkle it atop pizzas, this mince delivers consistent results every time. It integrates seamlessly into rice dishes and tacos, infusing each meal with its mild yet distinctive pork flavour.

Our commitment to quality ensures that every packet of mince is as fresh as it is flavoursome, providing a reliable foundation for both everyday cooking and more adventurous culinary experiments. Embrace the convenience and delicious potential of our premium Pork Mince in your next meal.