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Sydney Rock Bistro (Small) Per Dozen

Sydney Rock Bistro (Small) Per Dozen

Origin: Australia

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Our Sydney Rock Bistro Oysters are harvested from the pure waters of Australia and served per dozen. These small-sized oysters are prized for their strong, rich, and distinctive flavour, paired with a soft, silky texture that makes each one a memorable bite.

Perfect for those who appreciate the finer nuances of seafood, the smaller size of these oysters ensures a delightful and manageable eating experience, ideal for tasting menus or as a refined appetiser. Each oyster offers a burst of ocean freshness, encapsulating the vibrant, salty essence of Australia's coastlines.

Enjoy them raw to truly savour their natural flavours, or dress them lightly with a touch of lemon juice or a dash of mignonette sauce to enhance their inherent richness. Their elegance and size make Sydney Rock Bistro Oysters a perfect choice for gatherings where gourmet tastes and sophisticated presentation are cherished.