6 Seafood Essentials From The Sydney Fish Market You Can Order Online.

6 Seafood Essentials From The Sydney Fish Market You Can Order Online.


When it comes to the fresh seafood available at the Sydney Fish Market, salmon is one of the most versatile options you can get – and a popular one at that. It usually needs minimal seasoning but combines well with most spices and is naturally packed with flavour. Salmon can be baked, steamed, smoked, poached or eaten raw on sushi. The possibilities are endless!


Tuna’s firm texture and mild flavour makes it a very versatile seafood ingredient at the Sydney Fish Market. Texturally, it works very well in everything from sushi to tuna pastes, so feel free to get creative! Tuna is popularly eaten raw as well as cooked, and can be prepared the same ways salmon can be. Why not give it a try?


Prawns are a crowd favourite at the Sydney Fish Market – and with good reason. You can be as creative as you like when seasoning your prawns since they tend to have a mild flavour, but if you’re uncertain, you can’t go wrong with garlic prawns! Prawns are popularly grilled, crumbed, poached, stir-fried and barbecued.


Known as the steak of the ocean, swordfish is one of the fleshiest fish you can get at the Sydney Fish Market. Since it has an ideal texture for grilling and skewering, swordfish is a great barbeque option and having a mildly sweet taste means that it works well with a wide range of marinades and sauces.

5.White fish

“White fish” describes a range of mild-tasting, affordable, white-fleshed fish: John Dory, Cod and Bass are popular types that are always available at the Sydney Fish Market. White fish tend to have a succulent, flaky texture that make them one of the most versatile seafood ingredients to cook with. They’re fantastic for frying, baking, pasting and using in soups.


Packed with vitamin A, calcium, potassium and minerals that are great for your health, oysters have a lot more to offer than just amazing flavour and a unique texture. They can be served steamed, baked or even raw with a side of lemon and seasoned to taste. If you’re after a versatile seafood option with a touch of classy, oysters should be on the top of your list!


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