Collection: Crustaceans

Our carefully curated collection features a wide array of crustaceans, including succulent prawns, luxurious lobsters, sumptuous crabs, and delectable crayfish. Sourced from pristine waters, each crustacean is selected for its quality and freshness, ensuring a gourmet dining experience.

Perfect for sophisticated soirées or casual dining, our crustaceans are versatile and can be cooked in numerous ways—grilled, steamed, boiled, or sautéed. Elevate your next meal or event with our premium crustaceans, which promise to impress with their natural flavours and tender textures.

At GetFish, we are committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing, ensuring that our seafood not only tastes good but also contributes positively to the marine environment. Enjoy the convenience of having top-quality crustaceans delivered directly to your door in Sydney, ready to cook and savour.

How To Make A Good Choice?

We've put together a couple of recommendations for your best experience


Look for seafood with a mild ocean scent, strong fishy odors indicate


Choose seafood with bright, clear eyes and shiny, firm flesh


Ensure that the seafood has a resilient texture

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of questions that may be of interest to you

What types of crustaceans are available at GetFish?

We offer a variety of crustaceans, including prawns, lobsters, crabs, and crayfish, each renowned for their quality and freshness.

How are GetFish crustaceans sourced?

Our crustaceans are sourced from sustainable fisheries that adhere to strict environmental and ethical standards to ensure the health and vitality of ocean ecosystems.

What is the best way to cook crustaceans?

Crustaceans can be grilled, steamed, boiled, or sautéed. The cooking method may vary depending on the type of crustacean and the desired recipe. Check our website for specific cooking tips and recipes.

Can I order crustaceans for a special event?

Yes, crustaceans from GetFish are perfect for special events and can be ordered in bulk. Please contact our customer service for large orders.

How should I store crustaceans if I’m not cooking them immediately?

Crustaceans should be stored in the coldest part of your refrigerator and ideally cooked within 24 hours of delivery.