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Our selection includes freshly shucked oysters, sourced from the best waters around Australia, including Sydney Rock and Pacific oysters. Whether you are preparing for a lavish celebration or a quiet intimate dinner, our oysters provide the perfect touch of luxury and taste.

Our Oyster Bar is committed to sustainability, ensuring each oyster comes from environmentally responsible harvests. These delicacies are available for delivery throughout Sydney, arriving at your door with the guarantee of freshness and supreme quality.

Discover why GetFish is Sydney's preferred online destination for premium oysters. Perfect for both oyster aficionados and novices, our range caters to all palates.

How To Make A Good Choice?

We've put together a couple of recommendations for your best experience


Look for seafood with a mild ocean scent, strong fishy odors indicate


Choose seafood with bright, clear eyes and shiny, firm flesh


Ensure that the seafood has a resilient texture

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of questions that may be of interest to you

What types of oysters are available at the GetFish Oyster Bar?

We offer a variety of oysters including Sydney Rock and Pacific oysters, celebrated for their distinctive tastes and textures.

How are the oysters at GetFish prepared?

Our oysters are freshly shucked to order by experienced shuckers, ensuring optimal freshness and flavour.

How should I store the oysters once delivered?

Oysters should be stored in the refrigerator, flat side up, and consumed within 2-3 days of delivery to enjoy their natural flavour.

Are the oysters at the Oyster Bar sustainably sourced?

Absolutely, we source our oysters from sustainable farms that adhere to strict environmental standards to help preserve marine ecosystems.

What is the delivery area for the Oyster Bar?

We deliver fresh oysters across Sydney and surrounding regions. Please check our website for specific delivery options.