Fruit and Veg

Collection: Fruit and Veg

Diversify your diet with the vibrant and nutritious selection of fruits and vegetables available at GetFish. Our Fruit and Veg collection offers everything from crisp lettuces and juicy tomatoes to exotic fruits and seasonal berries, sourced from local farms committed to sustainable practices. Perfect for complementing our seafood and deli ranges, these produce items are hand-selected to ensure peak freshness and flavour.

Incorporate the colour and nutrition of fresh fruits and vegetables into your meals. Whether you're crafting a side salad, roasting a medley of vegetables, or looking for fresh fruits to round out a seafood platter, our collection caters to all your culinary needs.

How To Make A Good Choice?

We've put together a couple of recommendations for your best experience


Look for seafood with a mild ocean scent, strong fishy odors indicate


Choose seafood with bright, clear eyes and shiny, firm flesh


Ensure that the seafood has a resilient texture

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of questions that may be of interest to you

What types of fruits and vegetables are offered at GetFish?

We provide a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including leafy greens, root vegetables, seasonal fruits, and exotic varieties, all fresh and of the highest quality.

How is the freshness of the fruits and vegetables guaranteed?

Our produce is sourced directly from local farms and is often harvested within 24 hours of delivery, ensuring it reaches you at its freshest.

How should I store the fruits and vegetables?

Most vegetables should be stored in the refrigerator, while fruits are best kept at room temperature to maintain their taste and texture until ready to eat.

Do you offer pre-cut or ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables

Yes, for your convenience, we offer a selection of pre-cut and ready-to-eat produce options.

What is the delivery area for fruit and vegetable orders?

We deliver across Sydney and surrounding areas. Please check our website for detailed delivery information.