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What it is

Chromium is a special type of nutrient that our bodies need to stay healthy. It's found in some foods we eat, like broccoli, whole grains, and nuts. Chromium belongs to a big family of nutrients called minerals, which are like tiny helpers that keep our bodies working properly. Just like how we need different tools for different jobs, our bodies need different nutrients to do their jobs too. Chromium is one of these important nutrients that help us stay strong and well.

Health Benefits

Chromium is like a superhero for your body! It helps keep your blood sugar levels in check, which is important for energy and overall health. When you eat, chromium swoops in to help insulin (the hormone that controls blood sugar) work better. This means less chance of feeling tired or sluggish after meals.

Think of it as a sidekick to insulin – they team up to make sure glucose (sugar) from food gets into your cells where it's needed for energy. By doing this job well, chromium can be helpful if you have diabetes or struggle with keeping steady energy levels throughout the day.

So basically, having enough chromium around keeps things running smoothly inside so you feel good on the outside too!

Has been shown to help with

1. Diabetes

2. High blood sugar levels

3. Insulin resistance

4. Metabolic syndrome

Good for body parts

1. Liver

2. Pancreas

3. Kidneys

4. Heart

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