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What it is

Fluoride is a special mineral that helps to keep our teeth strong and healthy. It can be found in some foods and drinks, like tea and fish, but it's also added to toothpaste and tap water to help protect our teeth from getting cavities. Fluoride belongs to a group of nutrients called minerals, which are important for different parts of our body to work properly. Other minerals include calcium, iron, and zinc. Remember, fluoride is like a superhero for our teeth, fighting off the bad guys that try to make them weak!

Health Benefits

Fluoride is like a superhero for your teeth and bones. It helps to make them stronger and more resistant to decay. When you have enough fluoride in your body, it can protect your teeth from cavities by strengthening the enamel - that's the hard outer layer of your teeth.

In addition to keeping our pearly whites healthy, fluoride also plays a role in maintaining strong bones. It helps prevent bone loss and keeps them sturdy.

When we consume fluoride, it travels through our bloodstream and ends up in our saliva where it constantly bathes our teeth with protective minerals. This process helps fight off harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Having enough fluoride can help prevent dental issues like cavities (tooth decay) which affect mainly the mouth area but indirectly impacts overall health as well since poor oral health has been linked to other diseases such as heart disease or diabetes due to bacterial spread throughout the body.

Has been shown to help with

1. Dental caries (tooth decay)

2. Periodontal disease

3. Enamel erosion

Good for body parts

1. Teeth

2. Bones

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