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Tassal Smoked Salmon 200g Per Packet

Tassal Smoked Salmon 200g Per Packet

Origin: Australia

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Discover the refined taste of Tassal Smoked Salmon, presented in a convenient 200g packet. Each slice of this premium salmon originates from the cool, pristine waters of Tasmania, known for producing some of the finest Atlantic salmon in the world.

Our salmon is carefully harvested and then smoked gently using time-honoured methods. This process imparts a smooth, delicate smoked flavour, beautifully balancing the natural richness of the Atlantic salmon. The result is a salmon that offers both subtlety and depth, enhancing any dish it accompanies.

To ensure the freshest experience possible, each slice is meticulously trimmed and vacuum sealed, preserving the salmon's exquisite taste and texture. Ideal for a variety of culinary applications, from elegant canapés to hearty breakfasts, Tassal Smoked Salmon transforms simple dishes into memorable meals with its refined flavours and quality.

The salmon is carefully sliced and vacuum sealed for freshness.