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Herring Roe - Avruga Caviar - 55g Jar

Herring Roe - Avruga Caviar - 55g Jar

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Product Description

Renowned for its rich, smoky flavour and smooth, pearl-like texture, our Avruga Caviar captivates both connoisseurs and culinary novices. Each bead bursts with a complex symphony of flavours, blending sea hints with a subtle smokiness that invites you back for more.

Perfect for enhancing any dish with elegance, this caviar excels atop blinis with a touch of crème fraîche or as a luxurious garnish for your favourite seafood dishes. Whether celebrating a special occasion or indulging in the finer things in life, Avruga Caviar is a true testament to the art of fine dining. Dive into the depths of its rich flavours with every spoonful and let it transport you to a world of sophisticated pleasure.


This product naturally tends to contain the following nutrients: