Collection: Meat

Our collection includes Australian beef, lamb, poultry, and more, each selected for its superior quality and flavour. Whether you're grilling up a storm or preparing a gourmet feast, our meats provide the perfect pairing to our fresh seafood.

Sourced from local farms practicing sustainable agriculture, our meats are not only delicious but also ethically raised. Enjoy the convenience of having both premium meat and seafood delivered directly to your door, ensuring you have the best ingredients for any meal.

How To Make A Good Choice?

We've put together a couple of recommendations for your best experience


Look for seafood with a mild ocean scent, strong fishy odors indicate


Choose seafood with bright, clear eyes and shiny, firm flesh


Ensure that the seafood has a resilient texture

Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared a list of questions that may be of interest to you

What types of meat does GetFish offer?

We offer a variety of meats including premium cuts of beef, lamb, poultry, and more, all sourced from Australian farms.

How is the meat at GetFish sourced?

Our meat is sourced from local farms that adhere to sustainable and ethical farming practices, ensuring high-quality and responsibly raised products.

Can I order both meat and seafood in one delivery?

Absolutely, GetFish allows you to combine your meat and seafood purchases in a single order for your convenience.

What are the best cooking methods for your meats?

Our meats are suited for various cooking methods including grilling, roasting, and pan-frying. Specific preparation tips and recommended cooking techniques are provided with each type of meat.

How long can I store the meats?

Stored in the refrigerator, our meats can be kept for up to a week. If frozen, they can be stored for up to three months.