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Pork Cutlet Skin On 600g ; 2 Per Vacuum Pack

Pork Cutlet Skin On 600g ; 2 Per Vacuum Pack

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Product Description

Delivered fresh daily and prepared on-site, our skin on pork cutlet features a delectable layer of skin that crisps beautifully when cooked, offering a satisfying texture contrast to the tender, juicy meat beneath.

Ideal for a range of cooking methods, these pork cutlets can be roasted to perfection, grilled until the skin crackles, or pan-fried for a quick and delicious meal. The natural flavours are enhanced with a simple seasoning, or they can be dressed up with marinades and sauces to suit any culinary style.

These pork cutlets provide a versatile base for a host of creative dishes, easily becoming the star of your next meal. Whether you're planning a casual family dinner or a more elaborate gathering, these pork cutlets are sure to satisfy with their robust flavour and quality craftsmanship. Enjoy a taste of Cowra with every bite.