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Calabrese Salami (200g)

Calabrese Salami (200g)

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Discover the authentic taste of Italy with our Calabrese Salami, a 200g slice of Italian charcuterie that embodies the fiery spirit and rustic charm of Calabria. Crafted from the finest cuts of pork and seasoned with a blend of Calabrian chillies, and aromatic spices, each bite offers a journey through Southern Italy's rich culinary heritage.

This exquisite salami is aged to perfection, developing a bold and robust flavour profile that marries spicy, smoky, and slightly sweet notes in a tender, marbled texture that melts in your mouth. Ideal for enhancing your antipasto platters, elevating sandwiches, or enjoying solo with a glass of red wine or crisp beer, our Calabrese Salami is more than just food—it's a celebration of flavour, culture, and the joy of sharing good meals.

Invite the authentic flavours of Calabria into your home with our Calabrese Salami, and let every slice turn meals into memorable culinary adventures.