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Capiccolo Salami

Capiccolo Salami

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Product Description

Ever wondered how the perfect slice of Capiccolo Salami comes to be? Our 200g Capiccolo Salami is a testament to the craft of charcuterie, made from select cuts of pork and seasoned with a bespoke blend of spices. This delicacy is slowly smoked over natural woods, allowing a subtle smokiness to permeate the robust, savoury flavour profile, creating a symphony of taste in every bite.

The salami’s texture strikes the perfect balance between tender and firm, offering a satisfying chew that unveils bursts of aromatic spices and the rich essence of premium pork. Ideal for elevating gourmet platters, enhancing sandwiches, or enjoyed on its own, our Capiccolo Salami is not just food—it's a culinary experience.

And the best part? This masterpiece of flavour can be delivered straight to your door, inviting you to savour the artistry and tradition of exceptional salami making from the comfort of your home.