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Chorizo Mild (250g)

Chorizo Mild (250g)

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Experience the gentle yet rich flavour of our 250g Mild Chorizo, seasoned with garlic, smoky paprika, and a hint of spices. This mild version of the classic chorizo is crafted to delight without the heat, perfect for those who prefer a subtler taste.

Made from select pork cuts, the texture of our Mild Chorizo is tender and juicy, offering a satisfying bite. When cooked, it crisps on the edges while the inside remains succulent, releasing inviting aromas that promise a delightful taste experience.

Enjoy this Mild Chorizo with a glass of light red wine or a refreshing ale to bring out its nuanced flavours, creating a simple yet indulgent culinary moment. It connects you to the rich culture of Spain, making it an ideal choice for adding authentic and understated Spanish flavours to your dishes.