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Flat Pancetta (300g)

Flat Pancetta (300g)

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Product Description

Enjoy the distinct flavors of our Flat Pancetta, a 300g slice that captures the spirit of Italian cooking. With a blend of black pepper, juniper berries, and a hint of nutmeg, it offers a taste that gently invites you into the world of Italian culinary arts.

Crafted from select pork belly known for its tender meat and rich fat, this pancetta provides a texture that's both smooth and satisfying. The careful curing, inspired by traditional practices, ensures the meat fully absorbs the spice mix, enriching its natural pork taste.

Our Flat Pancetta is versatile, ready to enhance a variety of dishes. It's perfect for wrapping around chicken or fish to add depth, slicing thinly to complement charcuterie boards, or dicing into sauces and risottos for that Italian flair. It's not just an ingredient but a simple way to bring a piece of Italy to your meals.