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Fuet Anis (200g)

Fuet Anis (200g)

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Product Description

Experience Fuet Anis, a unique salami that blends whole fennel seeds, garlic, and quality pork. This salami stands out for its subtle interplay of flavours, where the mild sweetness of fennel seeds meets the depth of garlic and the richness of pork, creating a distinct but balanced taste.

The inclusion of fennel seeds sets Fuet Anis apart from other salamis, offering a slight hint of aniseed that complements the pork and garlic without overwhelming them. Its texture is smooth and tender, ideal for slicing thinly to add a touch of sophistication to any meal or serving as a refined appetizer.

Fuet Anis is a testament to the creativity of salami making, marrying traditional ingredients in an innovative way. It provides a mild, yet memorable tasting experience, suitable for a variety of palates and perfect for those looking to explore beyond standard salami offerings.