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Manchego Curado 200g

Manchego Curado 200g

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Our Manchego Curado celebrates the artisanal spirit of Spanish cheesemaking, made entirely from 100% sheep's milk to offer a distinct, slightly tangy taste. Aged for a minimum of three months, this process not only enhances its flavour but also its firm texture, showcasing the craftsmanship of traditional cheese crafters. With a deeper flavour profile upon aging, it presents a rich blend of savoury, sweet, and nutty nuances.

This cheese is marked by its golden colour and the traditional pattern on its rind, serving as more than just food; it's a taste of Spain's proud cheesemaking tradition. Crafted from the milk of Manchega sheep, Manchego Curado embodies the rich culinary heritage of Spain. Paired with a robust Tempranillo, it offers an authentic Spanish dining experience, bringing the legacy and refined flavours of Spain’s cheesemaking to your palate.