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Nduja Spreadable (200g)

Nduja Spreadable (200g)

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Product Description

Crafted in the tradition of Calabria, Nduja spreadable salami is a harmony of finely ground pork and premium Calabrian chillies. Its richness is thoughtfully balanced with spices and a hint of smokiness, offering a versatile spread that’s both bold and complex.

Nduja’s unique texture makes it a transformative ingredient for a variety of dishes. Spread it on bread for an instant appetiser, stir into sauces for added warmth, or add a dollop on pizza for a spicy lift. This delicacy is a testament to Italian charcuterie, embodying authentic flavour with every bite. Its intense heat and robust base blend for a satisfying taste sensation.

Opening a jar whisks you to Calabria’s vibrant markets, with its enticing aroma and striking red colour promising excitement in every spread. Our Nduja Spreadable isn’t just a food item; it’s an invitation to explore bold flavours and the fiery heart of Italian culinary tradition.