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Provolone Dolce 200g

Provolone Dolce 200g

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Curious about a cheese that complements not just pasta but a variety of dishes? Meet Provolone Dolce. This semi-hard cheese, with its smooth texture and mild, creamy taste, is a delight for those seeking a versatile addition to their culinary repertoire. Aged for two to three months, it offers a delicate flavour that enhances without overwhelming.

Provolone Dolce melts into perfection, making it ideal for enriching pasta sauces or adding a luxurious, gooey touch to pizzas and lasagnas. Its gentle taste and creamy consistency also make it a standout in sandwiches, where it adds a subtle depth, or even when sliced and served with crackers as a simple yet satisfying snack.

Beyond melting, its mildness pairs well in salads, adding a soft, chewy texture that balances out crisp greens and vinaigrettes. For a heartier option, incorporate it into stuffed meats or vegetable dishes, where it can lend a creamy contrast to bold spices and herbs.