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Pyengana Cheddar 200g

Pyengana Cheddar 200g

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Discover the essence of Tasmania with our Pyengana Cheddar, crafted from the finest cow's milk in the lush Pyengana valley. This 200g cheese is a piece of Australian dairy excellence, aged in cloth for over 12 months to achieve a unique, robust flavour.

Its crumbly yet creamy texture, highlighted by slight crystalline touches, melts delightfully, offering a rich taste profile. Pyengana Cheddar balances sharpness with nuttiness, enriched by earthy undertones, and a tangy finish that leaves a lasting impression. Some variations might have hints of honey, herbs, or a grassy aroma depending on the specific cheese and its aging.

Ideal for a gourmet cheese board, paired with crisp fruits or a robust Shiraz, Pyengana Cheddar enriches any culinary experience. Enjoy it on its own to savor the depth of flavours or incorporate it into your cooking for a touch of Tasmanian luxury.