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Riverine Blue 200g

Riverine Blue 200g

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Explore the rich world of Riverine Blue, a standout in Australian cheesemaking crafted from 100% buffalo milk. This exquisite blue cheese, with its striking marbled veins set against a creamy backdrop, promises a unique taste experience. Its flavor is a harmonious blend of savory and slightly sweet notes from the buffalo milk, complemented by the pleasant spiciness and tang of blue mold, making each bite engaging and interesting.

Aged to perfection, Riverine Blue enriches cheese platters, enhances dishes, or shines on its own. Its bold flavor pairs wonderfully with honey or pears and is perfectly matched with a full-bodied Shiraz for a memorable dining experience. Celebrating Australian cheesemaking artistry, Riverine Blue adds luxury to any meal, inviting you to discover an unforgettable taste journey.