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Live Sydney Rock Oyster (Closed) Per Dozen

Live Sydney Rock Oyster (Closed) Per Dozen

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Order our large or small Sydney Rock Oysters Live for your next dinner party or afternoon BBQ and enjoy the luxurious taste of freshly shucked oysters. Known for their rich flavour and moist, creamy flesh, these oysters are a prime choice for any sophisticated seafood lover.

These live oysters come closed, offering an authentic experience for adventurous fans who delight in shucking their own. Impress your guests with the freshest possible taste, enhancing their natural flavours with just a few drops of lemon. Ideal for those who savour the excitement and purity of sea-to-table dining, our Sydney Rock Oysters will add an element of elegance to any event. Dive into the deep, complex flavours of one of Australia's most prized delicacies.