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Mud Crab LIVE (800g - 1kg)

Mud Crab LIVE (800g - 1kg)

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Product Description

As a centerpiece or a gourmet ingredient, the live Mud Crab excels both in taste and presentation. This exquisite crab is cherished for its moist, succulent meat, hidden within a robust body and formidable claws, offering a sweet, distinctive flavour that delights seafood enthusiasts.

The Mud Crab not only promises an extraordinary culinary journey but also serves as an elegant masterpiece on your dining table. Its graceful legs and ornate claws, perfect for keeping whole, transform into an artful garnish that elevates the visual allure of any dish.

Indulge in the unparalleled taste and presentation of the Mud Crab, a true testament to the ocean's bounty. Ideal for sophisticated dinners or as the centrepiece of a lavish seafood feast, this exquisite crab turns every meal into a memorable celebration of flavour and style.

How Does My Mud Crab Live come:

  • the fixed price of your crab is based on gross weight
  • it will have a minimum gross weight of 800g - 1kg
  • your price does not change if the crab is above the minimum weight