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Cooked Western Rock Lobster / EACH

Cooked Western Rock Lobster / EACH

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Our cooked Western Rock Lobster, sourced from the pristine Western Australian coast, offers a luxurious taste of the sea.

The lobster's flesh is sweet and succulent, cooked to perfection to maintain its tender texture. Its rich flavour, with subtle hints of ocean brine and sweetness, embodies the essence of the Western Rock Lobster. This culinary masterpiece, presented in its vibrant red shell, elevates any meal into a special occasion.

Not only is our Western Rock Lobster a sensory delight, but it also offers a healthy option, being rich in protein and low in fat. It adapts beautifully to various dishes, from a simple, buttery serve to starring in elaborate recipes like lobster thermidor.

Enjoy a taste of Western Australia's rugged coast with every bite, where the lobsters are sustainably harvested. Our cooked Western Rock Lobster is not just a meal but an exquisite experience, celebrating the joy of gourmet dining.

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