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Live Lobster Eastern Rock Per 800g

Live Lobster Eastern Rock Per 800g

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Savour the refined sweetness and succulent texture of our live Eastern Rock Lobster, a premium offering from Australia's clean waters. Each lobster, around 800 grams, delivers a delicate yet rich taste, with its firm flesh melting delightfully in your mouth, encapsulating the essence of the ocean's luxury.

Alive upon arrival, these lobsters not only promise peak freshness but also an engaging culinary adventure. Their vibrant, deep red shells hint at the gourmet experience that awaits, making them a magnificent centrepiece for any special occasion or a lavish treat for yourself.

Culinary creativity shines with the Eastern Rock Lobster, whether it's simply steamed to preserve its natural flavours or grilled with a touch of herbs and spices. Imagine it as the star of a sophisticated seafood platter, or perhaps in a luxurious risotto, where its sweet flesh can truly shine. Each method enhances its exquisite taste and texture, making every meal memorable.

This lobster isn't just about indulgence; it's a healthy choice too, packed with Omega-3, vitamins, and minerals.

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