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Ikura Salmon Roe per 30g (Tub)

Ikura Salmon Roe per 30g (Tub)

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Product Description

Get ready for vibrant allure of Ikura, the Japanese term for salmon roe, often celebrated as red caviar. These large, glistening eggs deliver a soft texture and a briny flavor with a subtle hint of fishiness, presenting a delightful and healthier ingredient for diverse culinary adventures.

Renowned for its rich, slightly salty taste profile, Ikura adds both visual appeal and a luxurious touch to meals. Whether served atop a bed of steamed rice, nestled in a sushi roll, or gently laid over a crisp salad, Ikura enhances each bite with its unique flavor and pleasing mouthfeel.

As a nutritious component, Ikura is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, contributing to a balanced diet while offering a gastronomic treat. Its versatility in pairing with other ingredients and its capacity to elevate simple dishes into sophisticated culinary creations makes Ikura a favorite among both chefs and food enthusiasts looking to enrich their dining experience.