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Ora King Salmon Sashimi Per 200g

Ora King Salmon Sashimi Per 200g

Origin: New Zealand
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Product Description

Celebrated as the "wagyu of the sea", Our Ora King Salmon Sashimi is revered for its luxurious texture and taste. This salmon is sourced from the clear waters of New Zealand and is the epitome of the species, offering a harmonious balance of sweet and umami flavours that is sure to delight the palate.

The texture of Ora King Salmon is especially notable, with a soft, buttery consistency that slices effortlessly and feels light in the mouth. Each piece coats the palate in a pleasing way, making it a premium choice for sashimi lovers seeking an elevated dining experience.

Enjoy this salmon in its purest form to fully appreciate its subtle yet compelling flavours. It pairs beautifully with a touch of soy sauce and wasabi, or simply a squeeze of fresh lemon to enhance its natural richness.

You can order fresh Ora King Salmon Sashimi without going to the fish market, and enjoy premium seafood delivered directly to your door.