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Single Seafood Delight Platter

Single Seafood Delight Platter

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Experience the Ultimate Seafood Delight Platter, crafted for those who appreciate the finesse of oceanic flavours. This platter combines 200g of finely smoked salmon with a silky, subtly smoky texture that complements its rich taste. It is accompanied by 500g of extra-large Tiger Prawns, renowned for their sweet, tender meat and impressive size, reflecting the purity of their origin.

Included are also a dozen Pacific Oysters, known for their creamy texture and refreshing taste, each embodying a whisper of the sea with its natural brininess. Enhancing the variety, the platter features Flying Fish Roe, tiny orbs that burst with a vibrant, salty tang, adding a luxurious dimension to the experience.

Every element of this platter is selected to ensure a journey through the best flavours the ocean offers, making it perfect for special occasions or as an indulgent personal treat. Enjoy the Ultimate Seafood Delight Platter and let it take you on a gourmet journey of exquisite tastes and textures, celebrating the treasures of the sea.

Platter includes:

200g Smoked Salmon

500g X-Large Tiger Prawns

1 Dozen Pacific Oysters

1 x Flying Fish Roe