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Salmon Toro Belly Sashimi per 100g

Salmon Toro Belly Sashimi per 100g

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Indulge in the rich, sumptuous taste of Salmon Toro Belly Sashimi, a choice cut from the most fatty part of the salmon. This sashimi selection is cut from the belly, known for its higher fat content, which lends the fish a creamy texture and deep, satisfying flavour.

Each slice of Salmon Toro Belly Sashimi melts effortlessly in the mouth, offering a luxuriously smooth experience. The natural oils in the belly not only enhance its taste but also contribute to a glossy appearance that makes each piece as visually appealing as it is delicious. Its subtle, intrinsic sweetness complements the creamy texture, making it a favourite among sushi and sashimi lovers.

Perfect for a refined palate, this sashimi can be the star of your next sushi night or a sophisticated starter at any dinner party. Its richness makes it ideal for pairing with a dry, crisp white wine, which balances the lushness of the fish with bright acidity.

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