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Tasmanian Pacific Oysters (Medium) Per Dozen

Tasmanian Pacific Oysters (Medium) Per Dozen

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Are you ready to experience the untouched beauty of Tasmania’s waters? Dive into our hand-selected Tasmanian Pacific Oysters, available by the dozen. Cultivated in the nutrient-rich bays along Tasmania's rugged coastline, these medium-sized delicacies showcase the pristine environment of their origin. Each oyster offers a perfect mix of creamy texture and a crisp, briny flavour, reflecting the freshness of the Southern Ocean.

Harvested at their plumpest, our Tasmanian Pacific Oysters provide a dining experience that is both luxurious and memorable. Enjoy them raw with a squeeze of lemon, or incorporate them into your gourmet dishes to elevate the flavour. They are ideal for connoisseurs seeking a taste of Australia's natural bounty and are rich in essential nutrients like zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins.

Perfect for any gathering, from quiet dinners to larger celebrations, our Tasmanian Pacific Oysters invite you to embrace the essence of Tasmania’s maritime splendor. Let each dozen transport your taste buds to the heart of Australia's oceanic beauty.