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Tiger Flathead (Skinless, Boneless) 200g Piece

Tiger Flathead (Skinless, Boneless) 200g Piece

Origin: Australia
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Our Tiger Flathead offers the authentic taste of the ocean, boasting a medium texture and celebrated for its distinctively sweet, subtle flavour. This makes it a cherished staple for any seafood lover, standing out for its culinary versatility.

Perfect for creating the ultimate fish and chips, its tender flesh crisps beautifully, providing a golden, crunchy exterior that reveals moist, flaky perfection with every bite. Beyond this classic dish, the fish's delicate sweetness pairs wonderfully with a variety of seasonings and cooking methods, from grilling to sautéing, promising a delightful taste journey.

Ideal for those who cherish traditional flavours or are on the adventure of new culinary explorations, our Tiger Flathead is a testament to the richness of Australian seafood. Let its subtle sweetness and succulent texture elevate your meals from the ordinary to the extraordinary.