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Japanese Steamed Oysters per 100g

Japanese Steamed Oysters per 100g

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Savour the simple elegance of Japanese steamed oysters, a dish that celebrates the natural flavours of the sea. These oysters are gently steamed to perfection, ensuring they retain their delicate texture and the sweet, subtle taste that oyster lovers cherish.

Perfectly versatile, steamed oysters can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. They pair beautifully with starchy sides like crusty bread or creamy potatoes, providing a satisfying balance to the oysters' oceanic zest. For a lighter touch, try them alongside grain-based sides such as golden corn fritters or with fresh greens like collard or steamed broccoli, enhancing the meal with vibrant, nutritious complements.

To truly honour the natural flavour of the oysters, serve them with a simple dressing of vinegar and soy sauce. This classic combination accentuates the oysters' sweetness while adding a mild tang that lingers pleasantly on the palate.