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Sashimi Platter

Sashimi Platter

Origin: Australia

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Our Sashimi Platter combines 800 grams of smooth Salmon, 200 grams of subtly sweet Kingfish, and 200 grams of rich Tuna, each selected for their quality and freshness. This selection showcases a spectrum of flavours and textures: from the Salmon's buttery richness to the Kingfish's light refreshment and the Tuna's robust leanness, reflecting the vastness of the ocean.

Crafted to highlight the distinct tastes and textures of each fish, this platter elevates any dining experience to a memorable occasion. Perfect for seafood enthusiasts, it's an invitation to explore the depths of sashimi artistry.

We encourage you to share our Sashimi Platter at your next gathering. It's not just about enjoying premium seafood; it's about creating moments of connection. With every slice, dive into a conversation starter that enhances the joy of special occasions, making every meal a shared discovery of exquisite taste.


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