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Seaweed Salad (Frozen) 2kg Packet

Seaweed Salad (Frozen) 2kg Packet

Origin: Japan
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Product Description

Whether you're looking to enrich your meal with a healthy option or seeking to explore the tastes of Japan, our Frozen Seaweed Salad is an excellent choice, bringing the essence of Japanese cuisine right to your table.This salad is a harmonious mix of different seaweeds, each selected for its unique texture and flavour. Enhanced with a sprinkle of sesame seeds, it offers a subtle nutty crunch that complements the marine freshness of the seaweed.

Our Frozen Seaweed Salad is carefully crafted to encapsulate the quintessential flavours of the sea. Each bite delivers a crisp and slightly chewy texture, making it a delightful side dish or a vibrant addition to your meals. The salad is pre-mixed for convenience, allowing you to enjoy a traditional Japanese dish with minimal preparation.

Perfect as a standalone salad or as an accompaniment to sushi and sashimi, this seaweed salad infuses your dining experience with authentic Japanese culinary traditions. The sesame seeds not only enhance the taste but also add a burst of aroma that elevates the overall flavour profile.