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Seaweed Salad Per 150g

Seaweed Salad Per 150g

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Our  seaweed salad is a feast for the eyes with its mix of vivid greens and purples, and offers a nutritious experience with every bite.

The seaweeds, harvested from Australian waters, blend crisp and tender textures with a subtle sweetness and a light briny touch. A tantalising dressing complements the salad, balancing the seaweed's natural flavours with a gentle tang without overpowering them.

Ideal as a standalone dish or paired with fresh seafood, our Seaweed Salad enhances sushi nights or adds a nutritious burst of colour to your bowls and salads. It’s a versatile addition to any meal, bringing unique texture and a taste of the ocean.

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it's rich in iodine, essential for thyroid health, and high in fibre, supporting a healthy diet. Enjoy our Seaweed Salad as a delightful, wholesome way to bring the essence of the sea to your culinary adventures. Whether a seaweed enthusiast or a newcomer, this salad is an enticing way to explore the vibrant tastes and textures of the ocean's garden.


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