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Sydney Rock A Grade (Medium) Per Dozen

Sydney Rock A Grade (Medium) Per Dozen

Origin: Australia
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Product Description

Enjoy the natural splendour of our Sydney Rock Oysters, freshly harvested and delivered in dozens. Celebrated for their sweet and rich flavours, these oysters embody the pristine qualities of the Australian waters from which they are sourced, offering a taste of the ocean’s untouched wilderness.

Selected for their A Grade quality and medium size, these oysters appeal to both enthusiasts and newcomers. Their firm, plump flesh, housed in deep, beautifully shaped shells, captures the essence of the ocean, making each oyster a unique taste experience.

As you shuck them, the clean, crisp aroma of the sea unfolds, setting the stage for a flavour symphony. The initial splash of briny sweetness evolves into a subtle, nutty finish that delicately lingers.

Sydney Rock Oysters are a culinary delight whether savoured raw with a simple squeeze of lemon, paired with a crisp white wine, lightly grilled, or as part of an elegant seafood platter, showcasing their culinary versatility.