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Whole Smoked Rainbow Trout Per Packet

Whole Smoked Rainbow Trout Per Packet

Origin: Australia

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Looking for a unique addition to your meal? Our Whole Smoked Rainbow Trout, sourced from the renowned Snowy River Trout Farm in Australia, may be just what you need. Celebrated as one of the best in the country, this trout benefits from over 30 years of perfected smoking techniques.

Each trout is delicately hot smoked to enhance its naturally subtle flavours and tender texture. The process is carefully managed to ensure that every fish retains its moisture, resulting in a product that is both succulent and rich in taste.

This smoked trout is incredibly versatile. It makes a perfect entrée when served with a light drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of fresh herbs. It's also superb tossed in a salad for a protein-rich addition or used as the star ingredient in a luxurious smoked trout pasta. Enjoy the finesse of fine dining in the comfort of your own home with our exquisitely smoked rainbow trout, a testament to Australian aquaculture and culinary artistry.

Vacuum sealed for maximum convenience.