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20/30 Canadian Scallops 1kg Per Packet

20/30 Canadian Scallops 1kg Per Packet

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Looking for a standout addition to your next seafood feast? Consider our Canadian Scallops, harvested from the crystal-clear waters of the North Atlantic. Known as the highest quality dry scallops, they offer a firm texture and a naturally sweet flavour that's hard to match.

These scallops are perfect for various culinary creations. Whether seared to achieve a beautifully golden crust that reveals a tender, juicy interior, grilled for a smoky touch, or poached in a light, aromatic sauce, they adapt splendidly to your favourite recipes.

Each packet is generously filled, ideal for serving a crowd or creating a range of dishes. Impress your guests with a sophisticated starter like scallop ceviche accented with lime and cilantro, or feature them in a main dish, elegantly paired with a saffron risotto or a fresh, vibrant salad.

Choosing our Canadian Scallops means opting for exceptional quality and flavour, ensuring your seafood feast becomes a memorable dining experience that your guests will relish.