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John Dory (Skin on, Boneless) 200g piece

John Dory (Skin on, Boneless) 200g piece

Origin: Australia/New Zealand

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John Dory, a white-fleshed delight from the open waters, offers a unique blend of succulent, sweet, and finely textured flesh. This fish is celebrated for its versatility in the kitchen, capable of being transformed through baking, grilling, barbecuing, frying, steaming, or poaching. Each method unveils a different facet of its delicate yet rich flavour, making John Dory a stellar ingredient for an array of dishes.

Culinary enthusiasts will find John Dory perfect for elegant preparations—think poached fillets in a light, aromatic broth or grilled to perfection with a herb crust, enhancing its natural sweetness. The skin-on, boneless fillets also mean a crisp skin complement to the moist, tender meat beneath, providing a sophisticated texture contrast. Whether it's the star of a simple, healthy meal or the centerpiece of an elaborate feast, John Dory adapts to your culinary needs, promising dishes that are as nourishing as they are flavourful.

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