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Premium Cold Smoked Salmon 100g Per Packet

Premium Cold Smoked Salmon 100g Per Packet

Origin: Australia

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Introducing our Premium Cold Smoked Salmon, sourced from the pristine waters of the Huon region in Australia. Each piece is carefully selected from the finest Huon Atlantic Salmon, known for its exceptional quality and texture. The salmon undergoes a meticulous smoking process, where it is gently smoked over up to 40 hours using kilns fired with whole river red gum logs. This traditional method infuses the salmon with a subtle, smoky depth that enhances its natural flavours without overpowering them.

Our salmon is fully trimmed, ensuring a clean and attractive presentation perfect for elegant dining occasions. With its fresh, succulent nature and rich flavour profile, this Premium Cold Smoked Salmon is ideal for creating sophisticated appetisers or serving as a luxurious addition to your breakfast spread. Enjoy the authentic taste of carefully crafted, Australian-made cold smoked salmon that promises a refined culinary experience.