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Smoked Eel Sashimi Per 200g

Smoked Eel Sashimi Per 200g

Origin: China
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Explore the unique taste of our Smoked Eel Sashimi, sourced from Chinese waters and carefully prepared to capture the essence of traditional smoking methods. This delicacy combines the familiar flavours of smoked fish with the distinct characteristics of eel, offering a mild oily mouthfeel, firm texture, and a subtle smoky taste that lingers pleasingly on the palate.

Each piece of eel is expertly smoked to enhance its natural flavours without overpowering them, resulting in a sashimi that is both elegant and satisfying. The smoking process locks in a delicate umami flavour, making this dish a favourite among those who appreciate a refined taste in seafood.

Perfect as a standalone treat or incorporated into various dishes, Smoked Eel Sashimi can elevate your dining experience. It pairs wonderfully with a light drizzle of soy sauce and a touch of wasabi or can be enjoyed alongside a crisp salad to complement its richness.