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Seafood Symphony Platter: A Luxurious Feast for Two

Seafood Symphony Platter: A Luxurious Feast for Two

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Our Seafood Symphony Platter is a thoughtfully arranged feast for two that combines premium oceanic delights. This selection includes 200g of smoked salmon, 1kg of large Tiger Prawns, a dozen Pacific Oysters, a piece each of Morton Bay Bug and Blue Swimmer Crab (both around 250g), vibrant Flying Fish Roe, and a bottle of our signature GetFish Sauce.

Each element is chosen for its exceptional quality. The smoked salmon, noted for its silky texture and smoky flavour, complements the fresh Pacific Oysters. The Tiger Prawns deliver a sweet, satisfying taste, while the Morton Bay Bug and Blue Swimmer Crab, highlights of Australian seafood, offer tender, flavourful meat. The Flying Fish Roe brings a colourful burst of the ocean with each bite, enhancing the sensory appeal.

Our bespoke GetFish Sauce perfectly complements the seafood, adding a zesty balance to the natural flavours. Ideal for special occasions or a luxury meal at home, this platter is not just a treat for the palate but a visual feast as well. Enjoy this Seafood Symphony with a loved one and celebrate the ocean's bounty in a beautifully presented, memorable dining experience.