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Gourmet Sea Symphony: Sumptuous Seafood Platter for Four

Gourmet Sea Symphony: Sumptuous Seafood Platter for Four

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Product Description

Are you ready to explore the exquisite flavours of the ocean? Dive into our Gourmet Sea Symphony Platter, a carefully curated selection designed for a luxurious feast that serves four. This sumptuous platter brings together the sea's most coveted treasures, offering a rich experience in every bite.

The assortment features 400g of smoked salmon, renowned for its smoky elegance and smooth texture. Accompanying this are 2kg of extra-large Tiger Prawns, each bite embodying the sweet, meaty essence of the ocean.

Also included are two dozen Pacific Oysters, their succulent flesh wrapped in a delicate brine that hints at the mysteries of the deep. The platter's luxury continues with two 250g pieces each of Morton Bay Bug and Blue Swimmer Crab, prized for their sweet, tender meat.

A serving of vibrant Flying Fish Roe completes the ensemble, its popping texture delivering a burst of salty ocean flavour. All of this is enhanced by a bottle of GetFish Sauce, a specially formulated condiment that amplifies the natural flavours of the seafood with a perfect balance of zest and umami.

Our Sumptuous Seafood Platter for Four is not just a meal; it's an invitation to a grand oceanic adventure, perfect for sharing a memorable culinary journey with fellow seafood lovers.

Platter includes:

400g Smoked Salmon

2kg X-Large Tiger Prawns

2 x Dozen Pacific Oysters

2 pieces Morton Bay Bug (250g each)

2 pieces Blue Swimmer Crab (250g each)

1 x Flying Fish Roe

1 x Bottle of GetFish Sauce