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Sand Whiting Sashimi per 100g

Sand Whiting Sashimi per 100g

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Whether you're a sashimi connoisseur or new to the delicacies of raw fish, Sand Whiting provides a perfect introduction with its approachable taste and excellent texture. Ideal for any dining occasion, it brings a touch of elegance and simplicity to the table.

Sand Whiting Sashimi offers an exquisite taste experience with its soft, delicate texture and sweet, subtle flavour. Sourced from pristine waters, this fish is celebrated for its tender flesh that remains beautifully lean, providing a clean and refined taste without any oily residue.

Enjoy Sand Whiting Sashimi on its own to truly appreciate its gentle sweetness or pair it with a light soy sauce and a touch of wasabi to enhance its delightful flavour profile. This sashimi is a perfect start to a meal or a sophisticated addition to any seafood platter, inviting you to savour each piece with leisure.

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