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Soft Shell Crabs 1kg Packet

Soft Shell Crabs 1kg Packet

Origin: Myanmar

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Looking for a unique seafood experience that offers both simplicity and deep flavour? Our Soft Shell Crabs, sourced from the clear waters of Myanmar, provide a distinctive culinary delight. These baby crabs feature an edible soft shell that eliminates the usual fuss of shelling, making them a convenient choice for both cooking and eating.

Soft Shell Crabs are celebrated for their bright salty-sweet flavour, similar to traditional crabs. This makes them not only a treat for those familiar with seafood but also an exciting discovery for adventurous diners.

Prepare these crabs by lightly frying to achieve a crispy texture that complements their tender meat, or bake them with a hint of garlic and butter to enhance their natural flavours. Perfect as a standalone dish served with a squeeze of lemon, or incorporated into a more complex recipe like a seafood pasta or a vibrant salad, Soft Shell Crabs from Myanmar offer versatility and an unforgettable taste profile.

Experience the simplicity and depth of flavour with our Soft Shell Crabs, a truly gourmet choice for any seafood lover.