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Toothfish Sashimi per 200g

Toothfish Sashimi per 200g

Origin: Australian Antarctic
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Product Description

Taste the exceptional Glacier 51 Toothfish Sashimi, a premium seafood known for its wagyu-like richness and delicate texture. Celebrated for its high fat and Omega-3 content, this toothfish is a favourite among culinary enthusiasts looking for a unique sashimi experience.

Each 200g serving showcases the fish's luxurious, succulent nature, where every slice melts tenderly in the mouth, offering a refined flavour that's both pleasing and unforgettable. The clean, subtle taste of the toothfish makes it a perfect canvas for a variety of culinary explorations, enhancing any dish it accompanies.

Ideal for sashimi lovers seeking to experiment with new flavours, Glacier 51 Toothfish is versatile enough to star in sophisticated platters or pair beautifully with bold, aromatic condiments. Its unique texture and rich profile make it a standout choice for those eager to delve into diverse and adventurous culinary waters.