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U10 Loligo Squid 1kg Packet

U10 Loligo Squid 1kg Packet

Origin: Thailand

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Loligo Squid is celebrated for its smooth, firm texture and a subtle flavour that makes it a favourite among seafood enthusiasts. Whether you're planning to grill, fry, or stuff these squid, they promise to deliver a satisfying experience with their tender bite and clean, oceanic essence.

Perfect for creating traditional dishes like calamari or as a standout ingredient in a seafood paella, Loligo Squid can also be sliced into rings or left whole for a stunning presentation in your meals. The intact tentacles add a visual intrigue and enhanced flavour, making each dish uniquely appealing.

Sourced with care, each squid is meticulously cleaned, leaving only the tentacles, ready for your culinary creativity.