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Snapper (Skinless/Boneless) Fillets per 1 kg

Snapper (Skinless/Boneless) Fillets per 1 kg

Origin: Western Australia

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The flavour of our premium Snapper Fillets, subtly sweet and mildly rich, serves as the cornerstone of their appeal. Harvested from the clear waters, these 1 kg packs of boneless, skinless fillets offer a firm texture that enhances any dish. They're a versatile choice for the kitchen, perfect for searing, poaching, or baking with a mix of herbs and citrus, allowing for endless culinary exploration.

Enhanced with a simple dressing of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, the snapper's inherent delicate sweetness and tender texture shine through. Each bite melds the subtle char of the grill with the moist, flaky interior, promising a satisfying experience.

Rich in Omega-3 and protein, these fillets are suited for a range of dining occasions, from sophisticated gatherings to wholesome family dinners. They pair beautifully with a crisp, chilled Sauvignon Blanc or a gentle Pinot Noir, lifting the meal to new heights.